An English Tragedy- by Ronald Harwood
7th, 8th and 9th April 2016

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Cast        Production Team
Leopold Amery Richard Cohen   Director Mary Lowe
Bryddie Amery Jean Cooper   Production Assistant Wendy Butler
Mr Taylor Adam Rabinowitz   Stage Manager Valerie Jones
The Major Foster Barnett   Properties Valerie Jones
John Amery Christian Mortimer   Asst properties Josh Sowerbutts
Sergeant Josh Sowerbutts   Continuity Babs Oakley
Dr Rosemary Pimlott Sandra Davidson   Set Design & Construction Andrew Rogers
The Warder Martin Howarth   Wardrobe Liz Adams
Justice Humphreys Phil Postings   Lighting design Terry Tew
      Sound Design Mary Lowe & Sarah Biggs
      Sound & Lighting Operation Cathy Naylor
      Programme & Poster Design Howard Platt
      Production Photos Howard Platt