The Thrill Of Love - by Amanda Whittington
12th, 13th and 14th January 2017

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Cast        Production Team
Ruth Elisa Thomas   Director Karen Rogers
Jack Howard Platt   Production Assistant Michael Lewkowicz
Sylvia Sarah Hudson   Stage Manager Jean Cooper
Vickie Katie Clarke   Backstage Assistant Jenny Skinner
Doris Steph Adleman   Properties Jean Cooper
      Properties Assistant Sharon Haffenden
      Continuity Jon Gilbert
      Costume Liz Adams & Sylvia Zilesnick
      Set Design & Construction Andrew Rogers
      Lighting design Terry Tew
      Sound Design Karen & Andrew Rogers
      Sound/Lighting Operation Dean Bartholomew
      Programme & Poster Design Howard Platt
      Production Photos Garry Cooper



National Operatic & Dramatic Association                         London Region

Society           : Loughton Amateur Dramatic Society
Production     : The Thrill of Love
Date                : Friday 13th January 2017
Venue            : Lopping Hall
Report by       : Michael Monk (District 10)

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                                                                                                       Show  Report

This being my first visit to LADS, and after hearing such good reports about them, I had very high expectations for this evening’s production of ‘The Thrill of Love’ by Amanda Whittington. I am very pleased to report that I was not disappointed. Number 350 for LADS but my first and hope not the last!

Director – KAREN ROGERS, assisted by MICHAEL LEWKOWICZ - Many congratulations, on a terrific job well done. In delivering such a true story always adds to the difficulty in getting it just right. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole production. Feel very proud indeed. It was at times, affecting, poignant, witty and very moving.

Set Design and construction – ANDREW ROGERS – Simplistic and clever design, moving from one club to the other – genius, which made the play move along with great pace.

Stage Management – MARTIN HOWARTH – was well executed with smooth running of all cues throughout.

Wardrobe by LIZ ADAMS were all in keeping with all the characters and suitably apt for the 50’s period.

Lighting Design by TERRY TEW, Sound Design by KAREN and ANDREW ROGERS and both operated by DEAN BARTHOLOMEW was well executed and very much on cue throughout the play. The attention to detail for the sound recordings and record stuck effect added good ambience.

The attention to detail for all props and set dressings were very well managed by JEAN COOPER, ably assisted by SHARON HAFFENDEN.

Ruth – ELISA THOMAS – To play the part of a real person, from relatively recent history, must have been very daunting indeed. Ruth is quite a complex character but you showed maturity with your insight and understanding for her soaring and plummeting emotions as she went from frivolous joy to despair in her tricky love life, whilst showing compassion for the women friends she was closest to. Your performance on Friday evening did have a few lows when you had some scary dialogue blanks. However, you recovered well and got back on track swiftly. I felt at times, in the more intense moments, that you shouted a little too much in such a small venue, as we could not then understand what you were saying. That said, you can congratulate yourself on a fine performance – a job well done.

Jack – HOWARD PLATT – A very competent performance throughout. You managed to portray his solemn characterisation whilst giving us a glimpse of how Ruth’s case had really got under your skin and the unease you felt with the stark evidence, when you felt there was more to her story. You narrated the story to the audience with a comfortable and easy tone of voice. Clever direction to keep you onstage throughout most of the other scenes.

Sylvia – SARAH HUDSON – A fabulous and very strong performance from a very accomplished actress. Diction was clear and very natural. Great stage presence throughout – great chemistry with all your other cast members especially Ruth. Excellent facial expressions throughout the play you never stopped acting from start to finish.

Vickie – KATIE CLARKE – What a gem of a role! Strong performance from a very accomplished comedic young character actress. Be careful not to wear headgear too low over your face as it covered your very expressive eyes in your opening scene. The transition into playing the prosecuting council was a very clever moment, with only one little slip in your new accent!

Doris – STEPH ADLEMAN – A very heart-warming performance. You captured Doris’s kind and caring personality presenting a lovely contrast to the other characters. Great chemistry with Ruth throughout. Diction and delivery were very good, especially the aplomb with which you delivered some of the best one liners in the play.

HOWARD PLATT also presented a lovely programme packed with information and nice photographs.

Best wishes for your future production ‘A Street Car Named Desire’.

Thank you for the very kind welcome.

Best wishes

Michael Monk
Regional Representative
NODA London District 10