Anne Boleyn - by Howard Brenton
29th, 30th and 31st October 2015

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Cast        Production Team
The Tudors     Director Jean Cooper
Anne Boleyn Sophie Gilbert   Production Assistant Cathy Naylor
King Henry VIII Howard Platt   Stage Manager Wayne Gilbart
Thomas Cromwell Iain Howland   Properties Cathy Naylor & Karen Rogers
Cardinal Wolsey Jon Gilbert   Continuity Babs Oakley
Lady Rochford Roz Gerrie   Costume Liz Adams
Lady Celia Steph Adleman   Asst Costume Christine Eckley & Jean Cooper
Lady Jane Charlotte Pope   Asst Costume Hannah Southgate & Cathy Naylor
Simpkin Adam Rabinowitz   Set Design & Construction Garry Cooper
Sloop Josh Sowerbutts   Lighting design Terry Tew
William Tyndale Peter Fox   Sound Design Jean Cooper
      Sound/Lighting Operation Sarah Biggs
The Stuarts     Programme Design Howard Platt
King James I Christian Mortimer   Production Photos Garry Cooper
Robert Cecil Andrew Rogers      
George Villiers Tom Donoghue      
Parrot Adam Rabinowitz      
Dean Lancelot Andrewes Roger Barker      
Doctor John Reynolds Michael Lewkowicz      
Henry Barrow Jon Gilbert      

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