Hobson's Choice - by Harold Brighouse
8th, 9th, 19th June 2006


Cast             Production Team
Alice Hobson Sophie Robertson   Director Andrew Rogers
Maggie Hobson Jean Cooper   Production Assistant Val Parker
Vickey Hobson Nikki Wood   Stage Manager Garry Cooper
Albert Prosser Tim Stevens   Assistant Stage Manager Paul Mansfield
Henry Horatio Hobson Roger Barker   Properties Lesley Francis
Mrs Hepworth Dorothy McCall   Continuity Jonica Brown
Tubby Wadlow Peter Gerlis   Costumes Christine Eckley
William Mossop Howard Platt   Set Design & Construction Stephen Radley
Jim Heeler Foster Barnett   Lighting Design Terry Tew
Ada Figgins Aylah Heath   Sound/Lighting Operation Cathy Lawrence & Martin Howarth
Fred Beenstock Marc Sardinha      
Dr McFarlane Mark Langham      

Review by Karen Hart

The prolific Loughton Amateur Dramatic Society’s latest production, Hobson’s Choice by Harold Brighouse, is very funny. The play is set in 1880s Salford, Lancashire. The scene is set in Horatio Hobson’s shoe shop.

Mr Hobson, his wife having passed away some years earlier, relies upon his three daughters to run the shop and keep house for him - with little thanks and no pay. After hearing her father’s plans to marry off his two younger daughters, Maggie, the eldest, is declared to be ‘too ripe for marriage’ at 30 years old.

She proves him wrong though, by ensnaring Willy Mossop and a battle of wills ensues which the sharp witted and cunning Maggie was always destined to win.Jean Cooper’s (Maggie) comic diatribes with her father were impeccably timed and very funny. Roger Barker as Maggie’s father, Henry Hobson, convincingly portrayed the patriarch as the proud business man, desperately battling to hold onto his dwindling authority over his daughters.

I loved the character of poor William Mossop. Howard Platt was a joy to watch in the part of the gifted but impoverished shoe mender.

I truly sympathised with him as it was clear from the start that he didn’t stand a chance against Maggie. The entire ensemble cast put in sterling performances - of which everybody involved with the production should be very proud.