Jamaica Inn - by Daphne Du Maurier adapted by Lisa Evans
23rd, 24th and 25th June 2016


Cast        Production Team
The Woman Amanda Smith   Director Andrew Rogers
Aunt Patience Louise Levy   Production Assistant Sandra O'nions
Mary Yellan Katie Clarke   Musical Director Angelo Tsocos
Joss Merlyn Lee Kenneth   Composer Andy Hurrell
Pedlar Peter Fox   Stage Manager Cathy Naylor
Cobbler Nick Martin   Properties Jean Cooper
Dozmary Man James Kenneth   Continuity Adam Rabinowitz
Stranger Jon Gilbert   Costume Liz Adams
Jem Merlyn James Kenneth   Set Design & Construction Stephen Radley
Bassat Jon Gilbert   Lighting design Terry Tew
Francis Davey Michael Lewkowicz   Sound Design Andrew Rogers
Gypsy Wendy Butler   Sound/Lighting Operation Sarah Biggs
Mrs Bassat Wendy Butler   Programme & Poster Design Howard Platt
Chorus Foster Barnet
Martin Howarth
Sandra Davidson
Neil Grosvenor
  Production Photos Howard Platt
Other roles The Company      

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