Playboy of the Western World - by J. M. Synge
24th, 25th, 26th October 2013

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Cast        Production Team
Christopher Mahon Dean Bartholomew   Director Jean Cooper
Old Mahon Paul Caira   Production Assistant Liz Adams
Michael James Flaherty Howard Platt   Stage Manager Liz Adams
Pegeen Mike Frances Dodd   Assistant Stage Manager Wendy Butler
Widow Quin Cathy Naylor   Properties Liz Adams
Shawn Keogh Tom Donoghue   Assistant Properties Sophie Robertson
Philly Cullen Roger Barker   Continuity Frances Chalkwright
Jimmy Farrell Martin Howarth   Costume Christine Eckley
Sarah Tansy Lindsay Swinson   Costume Assistant Frances Dodd
Susan Brady Jodie Seymour   Set Design & Construction Garry Cooper
Honor Blake Sophie Robertson   Lighting design Techni-Crew
Villager Foster Barnet   Sound Design Jean Cooper
Villager Wendy Butler   Sound/Lighting Operation Techni-Crew
      Programme Design Howard Platt
      Production Photos Garry Cooper

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