These Shining Lives - by Melanie Marnich
30th and 31st October, and 1st November 2014

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Cast        Production Team
Catherine Roz Gerrie   Director Karen Rogers
Frances Claire Taylor   Production Assistant Cathy Naylor
Charlotte Liz Adams   Stage Manager Martin Howarth
Pearl Lorna Redburn   Assistant Stage Manager Jon Gilbert
Tom Tom Donoghue   Properties Jan Freeman
Mr Reed Peter Fox   Continuity Mary Lowe
Dr Rowntree Dave Hinkley   Costume Christine Eckly
Company Director Andrew Rogers   Costume Liz Adams
Dr Dalitsch Martin Howarth   Costume Hannah Southgate
Leonard J Grossman Andrew Rogers   Set Design & Construction Andrew Rogers
Radio Announcer Dave Hinkley   Lighting design Terry Tew
Judge Martin Howarth   Sound Design Dean Bartholomew
Reporter 1 Dave Hinkley   Sound Design Karen Rogers
Reporter 2 Jon Gilbert   Sound/Lighting Operation Wayne Gilbart
Son Dave Hinkley   Programme Design Howard Platt
Daughter Claire Taylor   Production Photos Howard Platt

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